The work I do & the people I help.

All my projects stem from the ability of me to empathise with a client's end customer. If the use case does not resonate with me as a potential customer myself, I usually pass on the opportunity.

I hope that through this showcase, you will get an insight into my mind and how I harness creativity in my thought process.

Please note that some of my best work, in my opinion, are also behind NDAs and not listed here.
Tinder Verified

Run a FlagCheck on each other, where some of their previous matches get to rank them by a flag count, anonymously.

If both parties have this setting turned on, it gives credibility and shows a person who is not afraid of how their past matches rank them.
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Replace pictures of your ex, with 100s of our AI-generated faces.

This photo editor harnesses the power of A.I to replace faces of your ex naturally, without reminding you of them again.
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Social Fantasy Football Betting

A game that was derived from a points-system instead of monetary gain by placing accurate predictions on actual match outcomes. BragPoints were accumulated and users climbed the leaderboard rankings.
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Happy Hour on-demand.

An app that allows users to activate an hour of Happy Hour pricing, daily, in all participating merchant outlets, for a monthly subscription.
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ParkingSG with a Twist

Imagine a feature that lets you pay for your fines and prevent overdue charges

Prevent users with overdue fines from parking and helping users pay fines on time.
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TPI Live App

A mobile-optimised livestreaming web-app for events/webinars

Worked alongside a remote IT team, planned, designed and managed the entire implementation for a ver. 2.0 for the client.
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Interactive Check-in Wall

Keep attendance taking, interactive and fun.

We designed and built alongside a remote tech team, an interactive module for users registering on-site and virtually to collectively login and help in a mission to unveil a graphic underneath. Best viewed on a massive LED wall on stage.
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Company Raffle

A tool to hold contests virtually and on-site for Corporate events

Built a contest module where a list of random users can be picked for various categories of gifts. The names will be picked on-demand by an admin and viewers can tune in via the site.
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TPI Live Web

Dashboard for Admin & Moderators

Planned, designed and managed this entire project with the stakeholders. Built on top of customer feedback and following a well-refined product cycle.
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