Helping companies ship like an Indie Hacker.

I’m Murrali, an indie product designer/dev based in Singapore. I create user-friendly interfaces for startups/corporations and work alongside their product teams to provide an outside perspective into developing rebel ideas.

We can work with your tech team, or you may use our tech team or even outsource it to your preferred vendor.

For quick MVPs/POCs, I personally develop with Webflow, Bubble and FlutterFlow for native iOS/Android apps.

Optimizing roadmaps, discovering revenue streams, shipping features, shipping fast.

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Worked with
+ over a dozen behind NDAs

Why work with me?

Only take on work I am confident of doing, or ones that scares me.

Running towards challenges is in my DNA. I try to stick to the stuff I am passionate about and that is to make ideas come to life. If I do not find anything exciting in your domain, I backdown on my own.
Building features that actually make a difference
Every assumption will be clarified
Strive to under-promise, over-deliver

No holds-barred thinking and radically different perspective.

Never leave things unturned. The more big and ambitious an idea is, I probe it enough to make an early version, possible.
Non-stakeholder, thus an outside perspective
Wired different, and weird
Always scratching the itch that is outside of the limitations

Problem solving, design up with the stack to match

I am a techie, but started my career in design first. That advantage allows me to ship faster by sticking together readily available services rather than building entirely from scratch.
Truly building MVPs, without the fluff
Stop worrying about the architecture
Iterate on your own thereafter

Won in > 10 pitch competitions

These might not mean as much, but having been judged by crowds repeatedly, and winning on multiple stages was how I got started on my journey.
Not afraid to push constraints
Accustomed to failures
Learn new tech faster, and move faster

When building crazy ideas, there is no real data to back your decision making.

We love data. But we hate deliberating over making decisions because of the lack of it and causing decision paralysis. We build by observing the ones we are building for.
Build first, tweak with data later
Assumptions will be put to test or rest
It is okay to start with the gut, and go with the brain later

Numbers that count


Over the past 5 years, I’ve designed over 30 app/web solutions & features.


Consistent rating among clients and apps that received reviews.


Solo-PM driving 3 x of total downloads to 100m+

Businesses hire me to build tech features

Whether you have a team in-house, or need me to build from scratch, we can discuss and find the quickest & quirkiest way to execute and go-to market.

Dissect, brainstorm, design & build

Let us help you look at your business problems in an unbiased, macro-perspective. Nothing is off the table when we are cooking up wicked ideas in the lab.

Personally designed products used by over 120 million users* and counting.

Work spanning 25 projects, 5 countries and 10 years.

Maintained an app with 4.7 out of 5 based on 5k+ app store reviews
50+ projects & features I have shipped

Murrali comes out to be a problem solver thats more proactive than reactive. Working in different timezones he is always ready to put extra effort and complete the unrealistic demands of clients. It was a great working experience and looking forward to more collaborations.

Achal Manglik

We needed something that made the crowd engaged during login. Murrali and his team developed a game within a week and it was a pleasure watching them go from ideation to delivery.

Samantha L.
Product Manager @ (Non-disclosable - NDA)

Worked with Murrali on a couple of projects related to Product Strategy. It was a delight to work alongside him, and it helped improve our overall CSAT results.

Naga M.
Founder @ (Non-disclosable - NDA)

My skills in a nutshell.

Product Design

I'll design platforms that studies user behaviour and get them to their desired outcome with the least resistance.

Design Strategy

I'll help you navigate complex business problems via simple, user-friendly designs. Leveraging the power of design research to grow.

UI/UX Design

I'll craft workflows for every use case and instill design principles to ensure ease of use for the end users.

Sprint Planning

I'll help you create a company-wide workflow for all IT projects and ways to track their progress while keeping an eye on the end goal.


I'll help you churn out quick mockups and even functioning MVPs with no-code tools, putting your product to test immediately.


I'll help you document and create decks that explain how the new features work, for all your stakeholders.


Starting at
Minimum of 2 weeks
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  • Business Evaluation
  • Problem Identification
  • Think Labs
  • Design Evaluation
  • Solution Gathering
  • Execution Planning


Starting at
Minimum of 8 weeks
Talk to ME
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Let's build your next big project together.

Dare to dream? We dare to build.
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